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COVID-19 Emergency Doctor uses Mindfulness to cope

Writing in the National Post, Dr. Ahmed Mian, a former teacher and current emergency physician in Toronto, tells readers how he copes with working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr. Mian writes that there are three factors that "inspire him to keep going and do my best for my patients."

  • Dr. Mian follows a routine both at home and at work. He eats well, stays hydrated, sleeps well and makes time for exercise, meditation, and prayer.

  • He believes strongly in practicing gratefulness. Writes Dr. Mian: "For me, that means being grateful for all the resources I have, even in these difficult times, as we in North America are still better off than much of the world. Social distancing has reminded me of the importance of connecting as human beings and how being isolated can be detrimental to our well-being. Thus, being able to go to the ER and do what I love, when many Canadians are working from home, is refreshing and a reminder of why I feel that I have the greatest job in the world.

  • Dr. Mian writes that "practising mindfulness and reflection has been very therapeutic for me" both while on shift and after."


"Although we are early on in this fight and the world seems dark, there will come a time when the sun will rise again and we beat COVID-19 together." (Dr. Ahmed Mian)

Dr. Weinberg is now offering Video sessions and discounts to ensure you have access to the tools you need to keep your mind healthy through this difficult time. To schedule a session or to ask a question, please send us a message or call the Vancouver office at 604.675.6935.

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